Thursday 30 January 2014

A Chunky-looking little piece of tech

Juice cube mobile phone charger on the go
Recently my phone refuses to give me a day of service: it dies right about 3.47pm every day, even if I've been doing nothing much more than glancing at it. Phone, you pernickety, fractious beast, you.
So I've been thinking of getting an extra booster charger ... thing ... to take out and about with me. You can buy those covers that provide an extra day of charge for sure, but they're pretty ugly, and I'm still enamoured of my Jack Teagle flamingo one, so that's no dice.
Plus, any other portable charger I'd come across was also pretty grim-looking. That was until I browsed to this. Juice Cube looks nice - and I presume functions well also.
Juice Cube charging iPhone
A chunky-looking little piece of tech, it comes in seven shades and works with a whole heap of mobile products including Apple iPods, iPads, iPhones (but not iPhone 5), Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones plus Sony PSP.
You charge it at home and bring it on the go with you, along with a lead, in case of emergencies. When your stupid bloody smartphone (thickphone) starts to bleat two hours after it had a full battery, you can hook it up to your Cube and juice it up again, all the better to Twitter with.
So how do you know how full the Juice Cube is? Aha - simple. Give it a shake and lights will indicate its level of chargedness. Smart. You can buy them here at the Carphone Warehouse and they're €29.99. I am so on it.

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