Saturday 12 December 2015

November Favourites

I understand I don't post these every month which is why I sometimes just do a 'Current Favourites'. I don't find myself trying new products all the time, I just stick to the ones I know I love. However, I'm going to try my best to do one every month!

NYX Eyebrow Gel - I have this in the color brunette. It's a beautiful neutral/cool toned dark brown. This product is INTENSE. It's definitely not for those times when you want a more natural brow look. This makes your brows look sculpted and carved. Your brows look very done up which isn't a bad thing depending on the look you are going for. If i wanted to do my makeup for a formal event, or wanted a more "glam" look, this definitely fits very well. 
However, some days I tend to like a more natural brow look. I want my brows to have some definition but not to the point where I need my face to look "made up". I find that when I use this brow gel, I have to do a full face of makeup otherwise my brows just stand out too much.
This brow gel is waterproof and stays on the whole entire day. It's very difficult to wash out of my brushes. I use an oil based makeup remover and i still find some product stuck in the bristles.

NYX Eyebrow Gel

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer - I bought this in the lightest shade, to conceal and brighten the under-eye area.I find this concealer has really good coverage and very pigmented. It blends wonderfully and definitely buildable. I use this in my everyday make-up routine and will definitely re-purchase! 

Eyelure Individual Lashes - These Eylure Individual False Eyelashes are applied to the lash themselves to give body and length. This means they will last as long as your natural eyelashes, up to four weeks.
These false eyelashes instantly add volume to understated lashes, giving your eyes a subtle, natural but fuller style. They are also perfect for daytime and evening styles. I wear these lashes most weekends, usually not during the week as I have school, but you can also just wear a few if you just want a very natural look.

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection - I adore these shades! I own four out of the six. I am more of a nude lipstick person, because I like my dark smokey eyes. On the days I wear something a little less strong on the eyes, I usually opt for an autumnal shade or a classic red. These nude lipsticks last ages, are super pigmented and very moisturising.

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