Wednesday 13 August 2014

Evening with the little ones

So, it was such a lovely day today, and when I arrived home first thing I did was take the babies into the garden.

About six weeks ago, Momma cat had 4 adorable kittens. Three cheeky boys and one girl. They stayed in a little shed behind the house, and everyday we would go out and spend time with them. One morning, we realised that Momma cat wasn't coming back, Unfortunately, She was more than likely killed on the road, or by a fox. The kittens were only three, possibly four weeks at the time,which meant they couldn't feed themselves. We brought them inside, and fed them warm milk through a syringe. We googled, and did some research on how to look after new born kittens. The kittens had to be fed every 3 hours, and kept in a warm room. 

They improved greatly after a few days, which we were so delighted to see!
They are really active now, and SO playful, and even love playing on the trampoline.

Here are a few pics i took this evening.



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