Saturday 11 October 2014

My Favourite time of year!

Autumn is definitely my favourite times of the year! And alongside that, goes Winter (which calls for another blogpost) 

When you feel that first crisp breeze, you know that summer is gone and Fall is in the air. Every season has its upside; however, autumn has a particular beauty to it. Lovers of the season revel in its unique ability to turn the world into one big canvas with nature’s paintbrush.

From warm apple cider to camping trips, there are so many reasons to enjoy fall. Here are lots of things about the season that will bring out the autumn lover in you.

It means wearing boots and jackets,
 wrapping up warm, 
being cosy and layering. 
Wearing darker lipstick shades,
 wearing scarves and wooly hats. 
Crunchy leaves, pumpkins and bonfires.
 Rainy days and duvet days.
 Candles and baths, hot chocolate and evening getting dark.
 Halloween and horror films and evening walks in the crisp cold air.


  1. ohh yeah cosy nights, jumpers and gorgeous boots to buy. i love it too

  2. Ooooh SO pretty! Love this post, makes me want to snuggle up by d fire with hot choccy :) Fall is definitely my fave time of d year too! <3



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