Thursday 1 October 2015

Origins Spot Remover

I don’t often review individual products on my blog, although it’s definitely something I am now going to start doing because I always find myself searching for specific products reviewed on blogs before I consider buying them (I value bloggers honesty when it comes to reviews). So, without further a do, I shall get cracking with this one!

I was sent this product a long time ago, and had completely forgotten it existed beneath the mountains of skincare products I seem to be hoarding. It’s a tiny little blue bottle, only containing 10ml. You may think this is a measly amount, but I have been using this constantly for around 2 months and it just doesn’t seem to disappear. This spot gel is essentially for those pesky breakouts you may experience. I personally get a few around my chin and my nose just before that time of the month (oh mother nature). Origins claim that this spot remover heals, fights and fades spots and I have to agree 100%. I have used many spot gels and creams in the past, but nothing that really worked in the same way as this. It contains salicylic acid which instantly helps heal, while “anti spot technology” helps to correct post blemish marks. It also contains caffeine and red algae to help relieve redness. To help keep skin looking spotless it also has super exfoliants to keep dead skin cells at bay and to ensure the skin is clear of clogged pores. 

I usually pop a tiny amount of this on any little spots that start to creep up on me and I notice that the spot either disappears completely after around 2 days or is somewhat dulled. It is a gel, so feels very cooling on the skin and dries almost instantly. It doesn’t feel too tight once dry, but does feel a little tighter than if you were to use a cream. I like the slight tightness, as I feel it’s drying out/killing off my spot. I also found that applying makeup over the gel once dried was absolutely no problem. I also use it after the spot has vanished, just to speed up the post blemish healing process (as my spots always leave nasty red marks for weeks on end) and I’ve noticed that it helps with that too. 

If you are looking for a product just to target spots once they’ve invaded, I would definitely suggest this! Of course we all spend money on skincare to try and prevent them from attacking but sometimes you have to come up with a plan b once they’ve pushed their way through!

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