Sunday 21 September 2014

Autumn handbag Essentials

Seeing as its coming up to autumn(kind of already is) I decided to share with you my Autumn handbag essentials!

First up is my favourite lipstick, its by Sleek in the colour 'Cranberry'. This is a very nice dark berry shade which is perfect for Autumn. I always keep a lipstick in my handbag, whether it be Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn its always nice to have it with you to touch up.

Next up, is a hand cream/moisturizer. As the weather obviously gets colder, your skin can get quite dry, especially your hands, as there constantly exposed to the cold air (unless you wear gloves). So keeping a moisturizer in your handbag can come in quite handy!

Another essential for me would be a nice woolly hat and scarf. In the colder seasons i usually leave the house with a hat and scarf on, by the end of the day it usually ends up in my bag, as i find the weather might have improved, messed up my hair, or most likely, just simply annoyed me.

And Finally, an umbrella. Because I live in Ireland, it does rain, a lot. This isn't just an A/W essential, but it can also be an 'all year round' essential (Although we did have quite a nice summer!) There's nothing worse than being stuck outside in the rain without and umbrella.

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  1. Great post! I live in Ireland too, and an umbrella is definitely a must. I love your blog too btw! Charlotte Xxx



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