Sunday 14 September 2014

My New Favourite Hair Product

A few weeks ago, I finally went to get my hair done. I was tired of the colour, and it just looked limp and boring. I wanted something different, but I didn't know what. It was then that I realised, YES! "Ombre". For those of you who don't know what Ombre is, Its basically a look of which it appears your hair has been lightened/sunkissed at the ends of your hair. Or that you're hair has grown out, leaving you with darker roots and lighter tips.  

To get this effect, you hair does need to get bleached, which is very bad for your hair. As my hair was quite dark previous, they couldn't get it as light as i would have wanted, I have thought about colouring my hair myself, which i have done before, but I didn't want to risk it.

 I was looking through boots and i found this, 'John Freida Sheer Blonde Lightening Spray' and i thought, Oh! Maybe this would help. This spray is a versatile, patent-pending formula with citrus and chamomile that works with styling heat to gradually lighten and brighten for a natural-looking, ''blonder blonde''. I've used it about 4/5 times on toweled dry hair, and I can already see difference. 

I can honestly say this product is amazing, and I'm super impressed with it. I will definitely be stocking up.


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